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What We Buy
Our inventory changes daily. Our shop is an eclectic mix of new and second hand, primarily second hand. To reuse, repurpose and recycle is an exciting challenge for us along with many of our customers. We purchase items from individuals who choose not to have an estate sale, a garage sale, postings in the "thrifties," Craigs List or Ebay. Items from all of the above we would decline, i.e.."No thank you to post sale items!"
If you are able to transport your items to the shop, that's great! Call ahead, make sure Del or Carolyn are going to be in. Drive to the back of our store, to the loading dock and let us know what your expectations are regarding pay. Keep in mind 25% of what we will purchase we will end up donating away, statistically speaking. If you have what we think would sell, we will give you our best offer and you may then choose to accept or not. We do not purchase jewelry or electronics off the street and we will ask you to give us your name and address with a signature stating that the items sold were owned & sold by you.
If the tasks before you are too large, please call with your questions.
You may want to set up an appointment for us to come to your home and we will discuss your needs. Downsizing or closing up a home after many years is a daunting and difficult process, but maybe we can help.
Call us at 651 770-8405.

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